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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Important message

Glad someone says it. However, I would guess the main reason a good movie has a 1-to-10 or 1-to-100 ratio in votes/views is that people watch them a whole lot of times. (I think I must have seen One Ring To Rule Them All 2 fifty times or so ... but I voted only once, because that feels like the right thing to do.)

Apart from that, I couldn't agree more. I'm voting for this one, and I'm voting five.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks, man!

As for the second reason to low vote/view ratio, it's true. Still, i realised that while under judgement the average for views to votes is about 160/300... i tabulated this score by taking a look at movies as soon as they passed judgement... Other people's movies, mind you.

That appauled me, because everyone should cast at least one lousy vote...

Anyway, thanks for watching!

Newgrounds 10th Tribute Newgrounds 10th Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The sole fact that it is POSSIBLE to make such a movie only proves how much Newgrounds means to all of us. Great job.

Billy Zone: News Billy Zone: News

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great concept, needs some work

Actually, if you talk a little clearer, the sound is ten times better (like you did on that... I think it was on the Pennsylvania piece). Also, of course, if you planned and scripted everything instead of making it up as you went, it would be a whole lot easier for you to talk loud and clear. :-)

I like the concept, but... You don't really show it from its best side here. You do a great job on the lipsyncing, but that's almost all the animation you do. What about adding a whole lot more action - things happening instead of only your lips and eyeballs moving?

And you still have that all-cranked-up size. What's the big idea? :-) I had to set my browser to full-screen viewing to watch it all.

So... What does that leave? Uhm, you have great lipsyncing, and a good concept for a movie (or more). Two areas so many others struggle with - meaning, you're doing a great job if you keep improving on those other fields.

Add music, add more action (I can handle just sitting here staring at you talking, but when your head don't even move...), write a script and talk loud and clear into the microphone (yes, I believe that your microphone still is capable for this kind of work). That way, you have not only a working concept, but a GOOD concept. Stick to it.

Billy Zone:Needed Message Billy Zone:Needed Message

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


OK, I really need to reply to this one. Assuming it's serious, of course.

I have no problem with you asking for money so that you can make more Flash - that's a semi-noble thing to do, I guess. But is this about you being pissed off with people telling you that your movies have bad sound? If so, DON'T BE. When people write reviews, they tell you what's good about your movie, and they tell you what could be better about your movie. And as long as you don't have the equipment etcetera to make good sound, you just have to face the fact that that will lower your overall score. I don't mind when flashmakers ask for money to make more flash, but I don't like the "You snobs shouldn't complain about my sound, if you gave me money to buy equipment this wouldn't be a problem in the first place!" attitude. (for the record: I'm a poor person myself.) If you choose to make Flash movies without the ability to give it proper sound, you just have to swallow people telling you that your sound is bad - because it IS.

However, three tips on improving your sound:
1. Sound effects - many can be downloaded free from [I guess giving you an URL here would result in deletion of my user account, but just search for it].
2. Music - tons of great tracks for free in the Newgrounds audio portal.
3. The Newgrounds BBS VoiceActing Club - they all work for free.

On other topics: What's with the HUGE width/height of the stage? Personally, I want people to have a very good reason for making something bigger than the default 550x400px - and you don't, so...

DucktaleZ 3 DucktaleZ 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Just so you know, it's not Carl Banks. It's Carl Barks. And he had nothing to do with DuckTales - he created Unca' Scrooge McDuck for comic books in 1947 (and he created lots of other Disney comics characters as well). He didn't create the nephews, either - they were created by Ted Osborne and Al Taliaferro in 1937. But it's really nice to see that you're giving him credit anyway - for us Disney comics readers, he will always be Number One.

As for the movie ... I don't have the faintest idea why, but I liked it. All of it. Nice trilogy, and keep making movies.

Bones Bones

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kanonbra ...

Hadde ikkje trudd at det var mogleg å lage så bra Flash i Norge.

This is crazy. What you have here is insanely original, extremely well animated, with the perfect choice of music ... and a main character you just gotta love ...

Rock on, this was fantastic.

Video Dating Tape Video Dating Tape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow ...

Not only do you have a great sense of humor with a touch of sentimental sniff and surrealism and artwork which matches that style perfectly. You also have access to what I think must be the greatest voice actor I've ever heard in the period I've been using NG. Fantastic.

A Cartoon For Meg A Cartoon For Meg

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have never heard of Meg before, and still I agree with you: she totally rocks.

Make more! Make more! Make more!

The Silent Debate The Silent Debate

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

I gave it a 3. I would have given it a 2, but I thought this was extremely good for being anyone's first movie, so I had to raise it a little. Either way, it doesn't suck.

But, I hope that for your next movie you improve your microphone quality. At the end, I couldn't really hear what was going on at all. Also, you could work on your animation (a person walking actually moves his feet every now and then) - still, the art was pretty good for a beginner if you only added some more movement (perhaps by breaking the character into pieces and tweening the pieces?).

And for some reason I suspect that it could be possible to lower the filesize a little... But I may be wrong, I'm pretty fresh with Flash myself. I just thought it was quite a filesize for telling a joke.

ryer responds:

Thank you ver much! Your comments helped alot! I'll keep going until I get it right! I appreciate it!

King Arthur VS LOTF Kids King Arthur VS LOTF Kids

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A good animation

The whole clay thing worked out really well, and you're really good at it.

The LOTF kids are mentioned in way too few submissions here, good someone does. But I have to comment on the subject that the big guy didn't really behave like King Arthur AT ALL. I very sincerely doubt that is what would have happened if the two stories got to meet each other.

Still, nicely animated.

Matt-Merrill responds:

lol, I didn't take this school project seriously at all. It was just a good excuse for a claymation battle. And the funniest thing about it was I got 100%!!!